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Welcome to Ozetrainer, Australia’s undisputed leader in the training of Medical Transcriptionists (MTs).

Qualified MTs listen to dictated voice files sent over the internet from health professionals all over the world and transcribe important health documents.

Here at our website, you can find out more about what we do, learn about why there are on average 720 hours of studying and how, once you've graduated, you could be working from home as a Medical Transcriptionist.

Below are just some words which describe the advantages of the Ozetrainer Medical Transcriptionists Pathway Programme:


Attaining real financial security could be closer than you imagined.

Once you’ve graduated, companies we are affiliated to can provide you with as much work as you desire. Now, maybe for the first time, you really will be in charge of your income.

The more you work – the more you’ll earn. And never fear that the work won’t be there. Medical Transcription is one of the fastest growing specialist skills in the people market today – and is set to grow even more over the next decade.

Ozetrainer students work with the most esteemed online companies in Australia:

  • Ozescribe
  • Global Transcription Services
  • NTS Transcription Services
  • Focus Transcription

But the rewards of being part of the Ozetrainer world go far beyond just money.

The sense of belonging to something really special will become very obvious very quickly. The network of Ozetrainer Medical Transcriptionists ( MTs for short) is growing state by state every week. We have an online forum where you can meet and chat with other MT’s, learn from their experiences at Ozetrainer and gain support through your up–skilling period.

The rewards of life with Ozetrainer really are many and varied. Ozetrainer – It’s a wonderful world and you’re very welcome to be part of it.


Achieving a professional qualification or developing specialist skills takes time and effort. Some professions require years of study, at the end of which the graduate can go on to apply his or her newly found skills in a profitable and hopefully enjoyable way.

Gaining the knowledge, skills and technique to become a professional Medical Transcriptionist is no different – except the period of learning is far shorter. Enrolling on an Ozetrainer MT training course provides you with eighteen months access to the online course to study at your own pace. Depending on your personal reading, typing and learning speed you could graduate in less than 180 days (the average time taken by recent students is c.750 hours).

Throughout the course you 'll be able to rely on the support and encouragement of your Ozetrainer course trainer – and all the other Ozetrainer students. In fact, the collegiate way that everyone at Ozetrainer comes together to support each other is one of the great hallmarks of our organisation.
The rewards you get in life are usually directly linked to the effort you put in – and becoming an Ozetrainer graduate and fully qualified Medical Transcriptionist is (as you 'll soon find
out) one of the most immensely enjoyable and rewarding ways to take your life and your career where YOU want.

Couple this with our 98% success rate in placing newly qualified MT 's with organisations eager to give them work, and you can see why your future really IS in your hands.


Whatever your domestic situation, we know from past and current experience that you’ll be able to make a real success of being part of the world of Ozetrainer.

Your hours and the amount of time you allocate to your work are entirely decided by you, so even the most demanding domestic situation can be accommodated. Put your spare time to use in a truly valuable, interesting and enjoyable way. Ozetrainer – where you’re the boss!


When it comes to how much you can earn as an MT, quite literally, the sky is the limit!

Many of our graduates are making $25–$40 an hour now – and some even more. It all depends how much work you want to take on and how fast and accurately you transcribe. It’s up to you. You set the pace and the ability to clock up your earnings.

For our part, we commit to making sure you have all the skill, the tools, the encouragement and the support to be successful and enjoy an endless amount of work!


You may already be an experienced typist or you may have little or no typing skills at all. Either way we’ll need to share with you all the latest techniques and capabilities of our specialist and quite unique transcription software. Of course, it’s also important that you have a well grounded understanding of the medical terms and medical language used by the doctors, consultants and specialists that rely on you to turn their spoken word into important documentation.

Our intensive up–skilling and coaching course will guide you step by step through a logical and easy to absorb learning pathway, at the end of which you’ll graduate with all the skills you need.

We’ve developed lots of clever ways of helping you to get through all the transcription work that will then come your way, by incorporating some ingenious shortcuts and keystrokes. Learning how and when to use these is all part of the learning and up–skilling programme.


Probably one of the most important and valued aspects of the entire world of Ozetrainer is our focus on having the family centred around everything we do.

Indeed we see “family” as being threefold. Your family, the family of patients whose notes you transcribe and the wider Ozetrainer family.

The ability to be connected to and be of value to each of these cannot be overstated. We look forward to welcoming you in to your new family very soon.


The sense of friendship and belonging to something really special will become very obvious very quickly.

The network of Ozetrainer Medical Transcriptionists (MTs for short) is growing state by state every week. We have an online forum where you can make friends with other MT’s learn from their experiences at Ozetrainer and gain support through your up–skilling period. Many of our people arrange meetings at each other’s homes or at a café or restaurant where a new sense of community and belonging is created. But most of all, the biggest feeling of friendship will come through your relationship with everyone inside the Ozetrainer organisation. We are a very friendly, easy to get on with group of people, all highly motivated and very proud of the role we play in today’s society. Come and meet some new friends soon.


The world we live in today provides a number of exciting work opportunities denied to previous generations. Now, the focus is more on WHAT you produce as opposed to WHERE you produce it.

Today’s workforce can be quite literally anywhere, anytime, thanks to the true portability of laptop computers and the widening availability of hi–speed broadband. You choose where, at what time and how you want to work. Now, even the country or time zone you work in can be unimportant.

Those advances have given birth to a new mobile and technically savvy workforce spanning the entire adult age range and lifestyles.

  • Home alone?
  • Isolated for much of the day?
  • Time on your hands that could be put to good use?

Being a wife, homemaker and mother during such a demanding period of your life, you can easily lose focus on who you are and what you have to offer alongside all of those home duties.

Or maybe you're one of the new generations of “road warriors” who can work wherever there’s an internet connection and a computer while enjoying travelling around Australia – or even further afield.

Maybe there are other reasons why you now find yourself based more at home and wanting to earn a living or maybe you’re just fed up with the daily commute into the city – never mind the increasing cost of getting to and from work.

If you can see yourself as one of these people and can understand and empathise with those feelings – and feel the same way, Ozetrainer might have just the answer.


Everyone’s talking these days about achieving “the perfect work–life balance”. Ozetrainer provides the perfect opportunity to attain that utopia.

The great thing about becoming part of our world is the ability to control the amount of time you allocate to work and the amount of time you allocate to your family or your private life. It couldn’t be a more balanced arrangement. Get some balance back into your life and find out more about the balanced world of Ozetrainer.

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